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Famous Persian carpet

Size: 14.5’ x 11.0’

131. This 14.5’ x 11.0’ carpet on the library floor is the real thing – the absolute original. It was commissioned by the Executor’s client in 1972 on a then-forbidden trip to Kashmir. It is based upon the oldest known carpet fragment ever found, the Pazryk Carpet discovered preserved in permafrost in an ancient grave. The fragment is now residing in the Hemitage Museum. This rug can be viewed at Inquire for price and submit offers by email to or by text to ‌602-750-8020.

Background: The Executor’s client travelled to Kashmir in the early 70s immediately after the fragments discovery and commissioned a family of Kashmiri weavers to recreate the ancient fragment into a complete carpet for the Executor’s client. Several copies of this original have subsequently been produced by the family which must work full-time for several years to produce each one. Laura Bush has one and says hers is her favorite possession. Rush Limbaugh had one and said it was his copy is his favorite possession. The actual pages of the then-newly published academic report the man whose estate the Executor’s client represents carried to Kashmir are included in the sale along with the original shipping and payment documents. They are under glass on a stand in the library.

This particular original carpet caused one international incident and almost caused another. The first was when India’s Prime Minister, Indira Ghandi, made a speech in Parliament naming the Executor’s client as having gone to Kashmir for nefarious CIA reasons, not to commission a unique carpet based on the Pazryk find. She summoned the American ambassador to complain and announced the Executor’s client would be tracked down and arrested as a spy. He got away. The second occurred when the Executor’s client had a reception in his home for Bill Bennett, the Prime Minister of British Columbia and Jay Hammond, the Governor of Alaska, to discuss expanding the Alaska Railroad into Canada. The Canadian consul from Seattle was there and he was a Persian rug collector from his days at Canada’s Tehran Embassy. In the middle of the Executor’s client’s crowded living room the consul looked down. Said “Oh my God,” handed his drink to the prime minister and got down on his hands and knees and began pushing his way through the crowd saying “oh my god. Oh my god.” The man had his priorities right. Fortunately everyone thought he was drunk. In the library. Can be seen at Inquire for price and submit offers by email to or by text to ‌602-750-8020.

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